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The Beauty of Nature:  An Integrative Yoga & Ayurveda Therapy Practice to Balance Your Dosha

*Will Change with each Season

WHERE:  Himalayan Yoga & Meditation Center
                 109 Slade Street 
                 Palatine, IL
WHEN:     Saturday, October 5th
TIME:        1-3:30p.m.
COST:        $45 by September 28th; thereafter $50
Go to or call 847.221.5250 to register
           *Pre-Registration is required so we have enough props. 

Fall is a Season of inner transformation.  Fall is the time when nature pulls its energy inwards and encourages us to cultivate grounding and inner focus.  Fall is associated with physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation and is a time for letting go and releasing what no longer serves us. 

According to the sister science of Yoga, known as Ayurveda (Science of Knowledge) fundamental elements that make up the Universe – space (akasha), air (vayu), fire (tejas), earth (prithvi) and water (apah)—also make up the human physiology.  Ayurveda looks at the elements from the point of what they do in the physiology rather than what they are and describes three psychophysiological energies called Doshas.  There are three Doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.  Each is mainly a combination of two elements.  Vata Dosha is made up of air and space.  Pitta Dosha is made up of fire and water and Kapha Dosha is made up of water and earth.  For good health and well-being, the three Doshas need to be in balance, otherwise ill health will manifest. 

In this yoga class, you will learn and practice a thoughtfully-designed sequence of poses (asana), breathwork (pranayama), energy seals (mudra), and energy locks (bandha) to bring about balance through use of the physical body (Hatha Yoga).  This will be an active yoga practice with some lecture.  Information will be shared as to what physical, mental and emotional imbalances can occur if the focused Dosha is “out of whack,” and the Practice will open your eyes as to how to bring yourself back into balance through a Yoga Therapy regimen. 

Come with an open Mind, Leave with a refreshed Spirit!  A Playful attitude is a pre-requisite. Suitable for All Levels

This workshop can be applied towards Yoga Alliance CEUs.  You can find Felicia at



Yoga Therapy for the Mind:
Body Mapping through the Chakras

WHERE:  Prairie Yoga
                 4701 Auvergne Avenue
                 Lisle, IL
WHEN:     Friday, December 6th
TIME:       6-8:30p.m.
COST:      $45 by Dec 1st; $50 thereafter
           *Pre-Registration is required for me to have enough for each student.

Go to or call 630.968.3216 to register

​​Come take a journey through the Chakras. This workshop will afford the serious Student an opportunity to experience how sensory input through the Mind creates an opportunity to heal. The Chakras offer us this opportunity to compartmentalize areas of blockage for us to prosper and grow. Through guided imagery, each student will get to explore the Chakras on a deeper, energetic and internal level and then journal their findings on their own ‘body map’ to take home and continue to grow with. This ‘map’ will open your eyes to areas that need special attention to break through what truly no longer serves you.

This workshop is for the ‘Seeker’ looking to dive a bit deeper. This is a passive class whereby the student will find stillness through the imagery. It is not an active asana class. Laying in Shavasana is all that is required.  Other poses and mudras for each Chakra will be offered.  Past students have shared experiences of profound growth by attending. Come with an Open Mind and an Open Spirit. Leave with a Sense of Well-Being. Please bring a mat and any other props that will make you comfortable on the floor. If you have any colored crayons or markers to share, please bring them as well. 
Yoga Alliance CEUs can be earned.
Suitable for All Levels.  



*The Earth as Our Foundation: Posture work 

*Align-Asana (prop & Adjustment use)

*Ayurveda 101:  What is your Dosha 

*Ayurveda for Self Care:  Daily & Night-time Routines (Dinacharya/Ratricharya)

Alignment Breakdown Options
Hatha Flow options


Where YOU Get the Attention You DESERVE

​​​​​​Asanas & MORE Yoga & Ayurveda 


COME AS YOU ARE & experience YOGA  & AYURVEDA in an intimate, welcoming space that sparkles with sunshine, nature & wetlands.  
This is a place to restore and rejuvenate

All classes taught as a fusion of my experience I have embraced and learned since beginning my Yoga journey in 1998.  My teaching style is 'Me' and a fusion of Himalayan, with a strong focus on Alignment, prop-use and healing techniques through Integrative Yoga & Ayurveda Therapy. 

Wall Ropes, Chairs, Blocks, Sandbags, Bolsters, Blankets and Straps may all play a role in most classes
Classes taught at the level of those present, with a  focus on Level 1-3 techniques 

Follow path alongside garage to studio off deck in back of home.  ENTRANCE TO THE RIGHT.
**Space limited to 12 for more focused attention.  Register early to reserve your mat space.**

***I am a Certified and Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher at the Advanced 500 E-RYT Level  and have accumulated Teaching hours since 2002,  a Certified Integrative Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), a Certified Ayurveda Practitioner & Health Educator (CAP) and a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP).  CEUs can be gained at both the 200 and 500 Levels by attending my classes, events and workshops**


Please call 630.269.8696 to drop-in or before attending your first class. Checks or cash only
  ** exact change only **

TBA times will vary.  9:30/10am, noon, 1pm and 3pm are being considered.  I am open to requests. 

Hatha Flow Level 1-3
DATE: 9/17/19
TIME:: 10-11:30a.m.
COST::  $20 by 9/14; drop-ins only if space allows

Space limited to 10 for more focused attention.

Pre-registration required by sending a check made payable to:

Asanas & MORE Yoga

1202 Keim Trail

St. Charles, IL 60174 or through Pay+Pal through the link

$5 discount if signing up for both classes ($35).

Come join me for a playful practice that focuses on alignment within the slow flow of the breath of the Practice. Longer holds will be weaved in to learn how to use the breath within the alignment of the posture and variations will be offered to help the student find the seat of the pose. Props may play a role in the practice to help the student open up to their possibilities.. Mudra, pranayama and bandha may all play a part of the practice. Expect a full spectrum of postures and a delightful Shavasana with guided imagery to round out the practice so you leave strong, refreshed and renewed.


Hatha Alignment Breakdown

DATE: 9/17/19
TIME:: 12:15-1;45p.m.
COST::  $20 by 9/14; drop-ins only if space allows

Space limited to 10 for more focused attention.  Pre-registration required by sending a check made payable to:
Asanas & MORE Yoga
1202 Keim Trail
St. Charles, IL 60174 or through PayPal through the link
$5 discount if signing up for both classes ($35)

Come join me for an Alignment Breakdown of the Practice..We will explore the asanas (postures) from the inside out and outside in as we move and breathe in a Hatha format. This class is appropriate for Beginners to the Seasoned Practitioner seeking more cueing and understanding of where the foundation of the pose is as well as where to place your hands, fingers, feet and toes...and all that beautiful space in between. Prop use and Adjustments/Assists will be offered to those open to receiving more freedom in their Practice.  The class will end with a guided Shavasana/Yoga Nidra


:  TBA
COST::  $25 
Space limited, pre-registration required




COST:  $20
Space limited to 10 for more focused attention

Pre-registration required

Come explore a Restore-Align class whereby we will practice a well-deserved Hatha Restorative class that incorporates alignment principles within restorative poses (asana). When engaging the body in alignment and utilizing props, the body will be able to find its 'seat' within the pose. This leads to pacifying the sympathetic nervous system (the fight or flight response) and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system (the passive sense reaction in the body). This style of class will offer the Student the ability to release and let go of congestion, stagnation and blockages within the Body and Mind. All Levels welcome.

Backless chairs, wall ropes, sandbags, blankets, straps, bolsters, blocks may be incorporated in this style of class. Class will be taught to the level of those who attend. A full Yoga Nidra in Shavasana will be the icing on the cake.



PRIVATE INTEGRATIVE YOGA & AYURVEDA THERAPY and other EVENTS. Please check out my upcoming Workshops, both on-site (listed below) and off-site (listed in the right-hand column) for a deeply rewarding experience.  

**Please note classes fill quickly so register early!**

Looking for a Lifestyle Change?  Looking to heal from the inside out?  Then look no further...  

As a Certified & Registered Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) and Certified Clinical Ayurveda Practitioner & Health Educator (CAP), I specialize in customizing Integrative Yoga  & Ayurveda Therapy Wellness Programs

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday time slots available

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