We offer a welcoming, down-to-Earth environment surrounded by wetlands and nature.  Our Home Studio is intimate, with a max of 12 students and on average 7 where "YOU Get the Attention You DESERVE"  We have all the props you need to 'help greet you where you are at.'  Just bring your mat and a SMILE.  Wall ropes, bolsters, blocks, straps, weights, blankets and backless chairs may all play a part of a well-rounded and expertly sequenced class.  Pranayama, mudras, bandhas and dhyana/nidra may be skillfully incorporated into the classes.  

An RSVP is required before attending your first class by calling Felicia at 630.269.8696

“Yoga can become quite personal.  As you open the layers of the body that are blocked or constricted where heaviness & darkness lie, vulnerability comes to the surface.  Ask yourself--How can ’I’ get through this without fleeing?  How can ‘I’ create lightness and ease in discomfort?  Yoga has taught me to not run—to breathe in a moment of vulnerability or tightness so that freedom, clarity and acceptance can come.  My job as a teacher is to help plant the seed that the student will continue to water so that all their beauty will blossom, grow and shine.”  

About Felicia

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Felicia Schmid,, 500 E-RYT, YACEP, C-IAYT, C-AP, YB is an Experienced Certified & Registered Yoga Teacher at the Advanced  Level and a Continuing Education Practitioner through Yoga Alliance, a Certified Integrative Yoga Therapist, Certified Ayurveda Practitioner and Health Educator, Certified Yoga Trapeze and SUPYoga Instructor.  She is recognized through the International Association of Yoga Therapists and the National Ayurveda Medical Association.  She became a Committed Student of Yoga in 1998 and an Instructor in 2002. Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) can be earned by attending her Classes, Retreats, Events & Workshops (YACEP).  

She teaches customized and individualized Integrative Yoga & Ayurveda Therapy Wellness sessions based on those lessons learned.   She believes that yoga is a wellness modality and compassionately guides her students on the journey of Yoga in a nurturing, compassionate and safe environment. You can expect a focused, challenging and eclectic yoga class that revolves around strength through softness and softness through strength. Longer holds fused with slow flow and safe alignment and prop use cues are stressed to give the student that "OMmmmm" feeling!.  Skillful hands-on adjustments offered, when able, too.  

Her background studies are diverse, rich and deep.  She is currently studying Pranayama in depth with Joseph LePage of Integrative Yoga Therapy and recently became certified as a SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) Yoga Instructor with Jess Amendola of SUP Yoga Center (2021) to 'yoke' her joy of water, paddleboarding and all things Yog-ahhh!  It has been a dream come true for her.  She set the goal to be able to 'balance' on her feet/board again when she seriously herniated her back in 3 places in 2019 and had to re-learn how to walk again with her left leg/foot.  It has been a very difficult journey back to being able to functionally move again, so this certification is her and her husband's favorite one for her to achieve to date.
She is a Yoga Trapeze Instructor with Lucas Rockwood of Yoga Teachers College and YOGABODY (2020), began digging deeper into Ayurveda Dietetics & Nutrition (20/17/2018) and became certified in Marma & Pulse Therapy with the Late Vaidya Mishra (2016).  She is a Certified Yoga Teacher through Lotus Yoga Centre, a Registered Yoga Alliance School (RYS) in the Himalayan Tradition. There, she was trained at both the 200 (2003) and 500 (2007) levels by Yogiraj. Sarla Walter, a direct disciple of Swami Rama (the founder of the Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy).  She has also studied therapeutics & posture alignment extensively with many Master Instructors, most notably Gabriel Halpern of the Iyengar lineage.  In 2008, after much commitment and dedication, she received an Integrative Yoga Therapy Certification from Joseph LePage's Integrative Yoga Therapy Program.
       This Training consisted of a  500+page teaching manual and complete course in Yoga based on Samkhya Philosophy with a special focus on the therapeutic dimension, with the Koshas as its foundation. Topics covered include philosophy and psychology, asana, pranayama, chakras, mudra, bandha and Ayurveda, as well as an in-depth experiential study of how to apply the psychology of Yoga in daily living.  

She graduated (2013) from the Level II & III Clinical Health Educator & Practitioner Studies Program out of Bhavana Institute,studying under the guidance of the Late Patricia Layton, M.A., C.A.S., PKT, E-RYT 500.  
        This Training deepened her Ayurvedic knowledge and gave her tools to create full spectrum Integrative Yoga & Ayurveda Therapy wellness programs for those who want to feel better.  This training emphasized Vata, Pitta, and Kapha management as the doshas move into other systems of the body besides the digestive system, nervous system, and mind.  Protocols for correcting imbalances throughout the whole body are emphasized which include exercise, diet, lifestyle, daily routines and herbal remedies.
        She received her Level I Ayurveda for Self Health Care Practitioner Certification (2012) under the guidance of Indu Arora and Poonam Gupta.   

Felicia proudly opened and operated Asanas & MORE Yoga Studio in the far western suburbs from 2003-2008.  

          One of her proudest moments is to have spearheaded w/ Gabriel Halpern the first and now well-renowned Yoga: Good for What Ails You Series held throughout the suburbs of Chicago.   This was the first informal Yoga Therapy training offered in the Western Suburbs.

Her memberships range from Yoga Alliance, International Association of Yoga Therapists, Lotus Yoga Teachers' Association and NAMA (National Ayurveda Medical Association).

Felicia resides in St. Charles with her husband and has two wonderful sons, a dog, Sadie and turtle, Roadie, too!  It is because of the continued support and encouragement of her family that she is able to bring the joy of yoga to her community.  She has always had an interest in Yoga ever since she was a young child walking in on her dad's first cousins practicing yoga.  That memory stayed with her until she found herself in her first yoga class. Felicia began her path of Yoga while pregnant with her second son.  She was told to refrain from all physical activity as she was a high risk pregnancy due to a congenital heart defect...and back then, doctors weren't too keen on 'working out' (let alone 'working in') while pregnant...times have since changed for the better!!!.  As she personally began experiencing the true healing benefits of yoga & wellness, Felicia soon realized Yoga & Ayurveda were her Dharma and...helping others heal through Yoga & Ayurveda was her path. 

       How Yoga & Ayurveda Guides Me:  I have personally dealt with or continue to deal with some of the following issues and how they affect my own physical and emotional bodies---3 herniations and 4 bulges from L2-S1 (I had to learn how to walk again with my left leg and foot),, a torn transverse abdominus muscle, 2 dislocated knees and an elbow, Piriformis, Sciatica, and IT Band syndrome, SI joint dysfunction, auto-immune dysfunction (CFS), hormone imbalances (prolapsed uterus, pelvic floor instability, anovulation, polyps, cysts, endometriosis, peri-menopause), digestive disorders (IBS, spastic colon), mood imbalance (anxiety/depression/sensory processing disorders), respiratory complaints (sinus, seasonal allergies) and a congenital heart defect (VSD).  It is no wonder Yoga Therapy is my jam!!!!

Felicia regularly continues her education through self study and practice. She shares with her students knowledge gained from continuing education classes with inspiring master teachers:   Seane Corn's mystical spirit, Gary Kraftsow's therapeutics, Amy Weintraub's uniqueness and compassion, Noah Maze's approachableness, Nicki Doane & Eddie Modestini's nurturing kindness, Sharon Gannon & David Life's inspirational wisdom, Susi Hateley's body-balance mechanics, Gabriel Halpern's no-nonsense, challenge-yourself-as-you-are approach to Iyengar Yoga and Yoga Therapy, Tias Little's whimsical, silly spirit,  Indu's self-health care & yoga therapy knowledge and Patricia Layton's  in-depth, accessible, and often humorous, approach as to how the rich gifts of Ayurveda & Yoga Therapy can bring wellness to each individual.

She is always open to the opportunities that life brings!   She is most grateful to her children who teach her life’s lessons every day, her family, friends and students and gives special thanxs  to her first yoga teacher, Lori Lane, for "I would not be where I am today without her." 



I want to Thank you for asking me to be your internship student for the Yoga Trapeze. I honestly did not know what to expect but I trust your teaching and guidance as I know you as a yoga teacher; I knew I was in good hands. Over the last several months I have been dealing with pain in my hip area due to a labral tear and a tear in my hamstring. I will confess on the way to your house I was worried that I might not be able to do the class and I was having pain. 
I was not familiar with trapeze work and have never done any of that before. Although I was a little apprehensive at first you quickly put my fears to rest. I could not believe the release I fest through the practice; it was amazing. I not only felt so open as if I had a bounce to my step I did not have any pain when I left your house. I look forward to doing more practices such as this.
Thank you for asking me to participate; your teaching skills are truly a gift!
​D.C, Algonquin

 I’ve just taken my first class with Felicia and I’m definitely looking forward to more in the future. It’s clear that she is much more than a yoga instructor. She is a certified yoga therapist (among other things) and it definitely shows in her restorative class. She made the whole space feel welcoming, accepting, and safe and provided restorative words and adjustments on top of the “regular” instruction throughout the class. Her class was wonderful for both the body and mind. 
Karissa G., Batavia

wanted to write you to say thank you (although those words seem wildly inadequate) for coming to Edgerton to teach your arm balancing workshop. During the workshop I had an experience unlike any other I can describe, and all of a sudden I feel more open to taking risks and embracing opportunities.
     The energy and light that you brought into the class were so uniquely you. 
     In my limited number of years doing yoga I find this is a rare trait to have.   Your workshop helped remind me why I love not only the most challenging things about yoga but also the most seemingly simple. 
     I, like you, am an introvert so it took me awhile to even get the courage to write this over an email, but then I reminded myself, if nothing else, it's always nice to get a note about something positive.
     Again, I would like to say thank you for sharing such a great experience with me. It is one that I will not soon forget.  J.B, Edgerton WI

Thank you so much for your workshop on "Hormone Harmony". I want you to know that I went home that night, the techniques that you taught for hot flashes really came in handy. I also loved learning postures to stimulate my endocrine system to balance my emotions. It was so informative, Namaste, Patty K, Hampshire

Dear Felicia,
Your retreat this year was indeed, for me, a re-treat. I loved it last year, and this year's offerings were again a special 'treat'. 
    I love the sense of freedom that you present and live up to in the title, "Retreat Your Way." Even though all of the offerings are inviting and engaging, it's nice to know that the freedom exists to pick and choose just in which ones you choose to participate. For instance, my massage, which was a fantastic addition this year, by the way, ran into another time slot, but all was good. I didn't have to worry about coming in late or missing something. It was my choice, and my tardiness was accounted for.
   I also loved being hosted by someone so qualified, certified and well-versed as you are, Felicia, on so many levels. And yet, you are accessible and fun at the same time! You have such a friendly, yet professional approach, which accommodates a variety of learning styles. 
      From the inviting accommodations, to the utterly beautiful surroundings, the picturesque landscape, the quaint nearby town of South Haven, the beautiful river we sat over as we practiced, to the awesome Lake Michigan beach a short distance away--you personally pulled it all together for the enjoyment of your students. 
     It was outstanding!!
I will be back and will be recruiting others to share in the joy of this retreat!!  With love and light!
Jill, Sycamore

Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed yesterday afternoon at Creative Therapeutics (Ayurveda: What is a Dosha?). Once I relaxed and let go of the "I'm going to fail the quiz at the end" feeling so I could simply listen, I found that I was understanding more than I thought I would. I was also happy to discover how neatly it all fits with what I have learned about migraine prevention foods/diet. I especially appreciate having some very practical practices to put in my yoga therapy tool kit. Thank you!  
Kathleen Reid, DeKalb

Dear Felicia,

    Thank you for such a perfect retreat. It truly was lovely on so many levels. I so appreciated all of the time and effort you put into all of the details of making the weekend special and memorable for all who attended. It is beautiful to see when one can take all of their life experiences, natural talents, willingness to learn, willingness to fail, acceptance of limitations, openness to to test the limits and a desire to share, with humility, all of themselves. 
     You my dear, hold all of these attributes.  Namaste. Mary O., Montgomery

The last couple of workshops I have taken with you have been rejuvenating, balanced and practical. The postures were physically deeply satisfying while my spirit felt uplifted yet relaxed.  You are a gifted teacher that offers the knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda in an understandable and applicable manner. As a teacher and student of yoga, I appreciate your prop techniques in the postures and gentle adjustments that help settle the student. I am looking forward to your future workshops as both an student and assistant. With Gratitude! 
~~Desiree Eastham (Batavia)

In such a rushed, hurry, deadline lifestyle, it is great to know that Felicia is around to offer such relief with her wonderful yoga sessions. Upon leaving her wonderful class, I thought, why don't I take the time to go to more of her classes? I feel great! Even though it was a hike for me to get there, I can't wait to take time for me, let go and let Felicia work her magic. I, too, slept like a baby that night!  You are the best girl!!! Jenni P (Elk Grove)

I loved how you incorporated breath, asana, mind, emotions into the practice. When yoga is taught at all levels like you do, it is so much more powerful. Maybe best of all, I had a great night's sleep and felt wonderful for days after.  Deb K. 

Special shout out to Felicia Schmid with Asanas & MORE Yoga.  I'm following her Ayurvedic recommendations and incorporating healthy routines in the morning & evening. Drinking spice water, morning yoga and more! Loving every moment!!”    S.R., Geneva

I consulted with Felicia about numerous issues, some of which included depression, weight-gain and skin irritation.  Felicia’s Integrative Yoga & Ayurveda Wellness consultation helped my issues from an underlying root perspective by addressing them with holistic and natural remedies. She also outlined daily and nightly integrative routines for body, breath, mind and spirit.  Having a professional outline for my daily and nightly practices is an invaluable tool that I can reference anytime. Felicia is a pioneer and a gift to those seeking wellness of the entire being while simultaneously honoring their current health practices.   D.E., Batavia

Your workshop on Sunday was absolutely perfect! It was wonderful to learn new avenues for developing calm in the midst of this busy season.  I particularly enjoyed learning more pranayama and mudra practices.  I have much to learn about both practices and so appreciate having a knowledgeable teacher to guide my study.   
      I've been experimenting with the way you taught triangle and found the handout you gave us to be very enlightening, not only about this particular pose but also about yoga as a whole.  I look forward to more opportunities to take advantage of your wealth of knowledge and experience…..Sue O.  DeKalb

Your workshop was PERFECT! You nailed it! Everything was so clearly in line with what came before and followed and, therefore, made such sense. It was a wonderfully full practice, as well, with lots of information, many different modalities, and lots of explanations about everything. It was totally wonderful-- just what I needed, that's for sure.  I have a few select "gurus" in my life. You are definitely one of them! Thank you so much!  Jill B. Genoa 

As a long-time student of Felicia's, I can testify to her passion for yoga and for teaching yoga. She possesses such a broad base of knowledge about all aspects of yoga, so her classes are not only lessons in asana, but are steeped in philosophy, and the more subtle depths of practicing as well.
  Felicia is a virtual well-spring of information, which she continues to gather and share. Therefore, her classes are infused with a wide range of ways and means to not only get a firm sense of where you are, but of where you want to go as well. She was one of the main influences on my decision to become a yoga teacher myself at age 61!
Jill B., Genoa City

I have been a student of Felicia's since the summer. At first I was apprehensive to take a class as I am not known as the most flexible person but after a class I was hooked. Yoga has allowed me to calm myself both physically and mentally. I notice that when I do not attend a class due to work conflicts that I am not as relaxed. Felicia is a very calm approachable teacher who works with each student at their level.  
Marcie S., St. Charles

I have taken two yoga workshops with Felicia Schmid in the past four months and would highly recommend her for whatever level you are at on your yoga journey.  I’m 70 years old and needed a practice that reflects an understanding of an older body and its limitations.  Felicia’s workshops allowed me to work within my limits yet be part of the class as a whole.  Much of this, no doubt, is her natural ability as a teacher and therapist. I sensed a depth of knowledge that could be used in class when needed.  She was continually attentive and adjustments were freely given. There was always an ahimsa (non-harming) attitude toward our practice.  I recommend Felicia for any yoga workshops she presents and plan on taking as many from her as I can in the future.  Ralph H, DeKalb

You bring joy to your students and individualize your instruction. You teach me something new in every class! 
Audrey W., Geneva

I am a yoga teacher and I am so blessed to have Felicia as a teacher of mine.  Felicia is an amazing, authentic teacher with a deep understanding of the physical, energetic and spiritual dimensions of yoga.  She has an amazing eye and sensitive intuition and can pick up on the subtle physical and energetic clues each student has, and make suggestions that help each student to become balanced and whole.  Felicia’s generosity as a teacher is a gift to all her students.  Marianne C., St. Charles

I am currently enrolled in Felicia's Tuesday class at 11:30, and I just want to let you know how much I enjoy it.  She is a wonderful instructor--very knowledgeable and well-versed in a variety of methodologies. I find her classes to be well-planned, very inclusive, and balanced, beginning with a well thought -out warm-up which is specific for the practice of the day. It then extends though the more demanding asanas and ends with a well-honored savasana. Along the way, Felicia offers up much in the way of pranayama, mantras. bandhas, and mudra which one doesn't expect to encounter necessarily in a Level 1-2 class.  I have learned so much from Felicia, and look forward to learning more.  Jill B., Genoa

Throughout the past 15 years I have taken several yoga classes and have had many different instructors. I have never had one as good as Felicia Schmid. Her extensive knowledge and true passion for teaching and healing through the practice of yoga is amazing. She works with each person’s needs individually and makes everyone feel extremely comfortable. It can be difficult to find a yoga instructor that meets your needs, but I know that I have found and outstanding one in Felicia.  Lori W., St. Charles

I was diagnosed with MS 11 years ago though have had symptoms for 25 years. Since working with Felicia, there have been amazing differences in my flexibility and strength from week to week. Felicia makes adjustments in my poses and suggestions on how I can make my practice even more beneficial to me based on my specific needs. I have seen improved balance and stability throughout our one on one sessions.  She is knowledgeable about the symptoms of MS, listens with genuine focus and watches intently to what is happening in each session. She takes the extra time to learn new things that she believes will be beneficial to me.  I would highly recommend Felicia. She has an exceptional understanding of the gift she has been given and her unending desire to expand her knowledge is inspiring.  Working with Felicia, before you know it, you will be doing things that you thought were impossible and you will be devoted to growing your practice into a true lifestyle.  Karin J. – St. Charles

During my short stay in St Charles I was thrilled to find a yoga studio close by, little did I know I had found a gem. Felicia is knowledgeable which is reflective in her teaching. Flexibility, balance and strength are gained from participating in Felicia's classes.  Namaste!  Gloria D.

Felicia's thorough knowledge of various yoga traditions, therapeutics, practices & systems are shared with her students through her caring words & compassionate adjustments. As a yoga teacher myself, I know after each class I will have acquired at least one unique technique, whether for meditation, pranayama or asana, that will bring me closer to my state of bliss. Desiree E., Batavia

Felicia is one of the most knowledgeable teachers I have ever come across. She is well informed in all aspects of the yoga journey and also adds a personal touch to each and every class. A student can feel confident studying under Felicia because of the wealth of information she has. There are many yoga teachers but Felicia's intelligence and compassion shines through. Judy S., Naperville

Felicia created a personal routine for my own needs and paid close attention to my posture and breathing so I could fully capture the essence of the asanas. What a great experience!"MK, St. Charles

As a fairly new yoga instructor, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Felicia. I have learned so much from her.. Her style is unique....I have never experienced before the individual attention given to a student as Felicia gives her students. I have been in her class as a student and as an apprentice teacher. Everyone in her class receives individual attention, no matter how big the class.....she makes sure she knows each student well and what adjustment or assistance they may need... Felicia will research for her student’s specific ailments or physical injuries, so she can design a plan specifically for that student.. This has impressed me, since my background is nursing and I have seen how people can suffer with chronic pain, or stiffness....I've seen her students respond to the individual attention, I've seen her students feel better. She truly creates a healing environment, and I am always happy to be a part of it. Dawn C., St. Charles

Yoga makes more sense with Felicia Schmid. Her teaching shines because she is passionate with her own yoga practice. From her experience in assisting master yoga teacher Gabriel Halpern, she offers clear instruction to her students and has developed her own beautiful teaching style. Felicia works hard to provide a safe, fun, and challenging atmosphere and is an asset to my yoga community. Stacy D., Yorkville

After a much-too-long absence 
from yoga, I discovered Asanas & More in St. Charles. As early as my first class, I realized this was something special. There were classes for every style of yoga, and the instructors were eager to adapt poses and practices to each individual's tastes and abilities. Not only did I strengthen my muscles and become more flexible and balanced, I left each class with a sense of peace and serenity. Following a challenging work week, my Saturday mornings at Asanas & More were a welcome respite and a chance to renew my energies and mental well being. Gail F., Bartlett

Asanas Yoga was a wonderful and genuine place to practice Yoga. I always felt welcome. Felicia is an excellent teacher and I miss her wisdom and true spirit of Yoga. Namaste, Colleen P.

Felicia is a compassionate teacher who teaches not only the correct form of yoga but also how each pose will help you. Her manner is warm and non-intimidating and I always walk out of her class happy and relaxed. She has been a big influence on my life and she is as wonderful of a person as she is a teacher. Amy C., Geneva

Felicia's extensive knowledge of yoga, and the practice of Iyengar's method in particular, gave me a perfect introduction to its mental and physical benefits. She made me feel comfortable and confident, despite my inexperience, and the in-home sessions couldn't have been more convenient. Thank you Felicia!  -Chris C., Geneva