Sequencing in the Himalayan tradition focuses on releasing stagnant energy through the chakras or energy centers to create clarity and balance, while Alignment principles & Yoga Therapy lessons learned and embraced will offer the student the ability to find their "seat" within the poses to release down to the core of the body, mind and spirit! 

Himalayan (Sri. Swami Rama) is a style of yoga based on the foundation of Pantanjali's Yoga Sutras as well as Raja Yoga's 8-limbed path. It is a more slow-flow form of yoga with a deep sense of compassion to guide you to release and let go within your Mind and Body to allow your Spirit to shine through.  Come Join Me!

All Yoga produces heat, detoxifies, strengthens, creates balance, boosts metabolism and replenishes your life force energy (prana) to create a sense of peace of mind. Yoga utilizes less oxygen to physically and mentally accomplish more.

Yoga 1 classes stress foundational poses that focus on alignment and breath. A great introduction for what yoga has to offer for the beginner or to bring back the basics for the continuing level student.

Yoga 2-3 classes continue to build on the poses, offering more variations to better challenge those present. A full range of poses will be introduced and modifications offered for those present to both inspire and challenge those present --standing, forward & back bending, twisting, balancing, inverting-- and hands-on adjustments will give the student that “ah” (or maybe even “ah ha”!!!) feeling. Props may be used to “greet you where you are at” to help experience the deep stillness within the poses. 

Pranayama (breathwork), bandha (energy locks), mudra (energy seals) and guided imagery/visualization (bhavana/nidra) may play a part of each class. 

Alignment Yoga  Alignment is a kind of enlightenment.  Proper alignment and the body mechanics that accompany it ensure correct, safe, and elegant movement.  By definition, yoga postures feel good and reflect an art form of symmetry and freedom.   

Hatha Yoga uses focused alignment in the postures to bring about illumination of the mind through discriminative self-balancing.  The focus will be on creating a slow flow with a strong focus on body alignment to sweat, lengthen and strengthen. 

Hatha means to unite, join or yoke. "Ha" means the Sun, and "tha" means the Moon. It is about uniting and accepting your True Self, all the light and all the dark. It is a willingness to be aware of all parts of ourselves, the full rainbow of sensation, perception, emotion and thought. To be in the flow is to look at whatever arises with freshness and freedom. It is to simply open our hearts with love to the present moment without clinging or pushing. It is the union of the Body, Mind & Spirit. Hatha is the foundation of all physical forms of yoga.

Vinyasa/Slow or Hatha Flow literally means "collection" or "arrangement." Taken from Ashtanga Yoga (Sri. Pattabhi Jois), it allows the teacher more flexibility and creativity with sequencing. Sun Salutations are the main focus with a dynamic linking of the body and breath. You will definitely get a vigorous workout! Hatha Flow is a slower variation of this style

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga offers the student the ability to challenge themselves while practicing Yoga on a paddleboard.  The student will learn proper paddle techniques to ensure safety and also to explore and infuse nature into the Practice on the open water.

Yoga Trapeze/Hammock Flow shares in the ability to use suspension training in tandem with inversion therapy to traction the body while in and out of poses.  An energetic flow of familiar poses, along with some unfamiliar ones are introduced, taught and refined.  Did you know that 1-2mm of space is created in the discs by turning the body upside down?  

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Experience is everything, and here at Asanas & MORE Yoga, your experience is completely original to your needs and wants. We specialize in Integrative Yoga & Ayurveda Therapy for the Whole Person

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Where YOU Get the Attention You DESERVE

what to expect

Integrative Yoga & Ayurveda Therapy  Assessments will offer the creation of a specifically thought out and individualized Wellness Program based on your imbalanced state (Vikruti) that may consist of observation through tongue and pulse diagnosis, a Daily routine (Dinacharya), Nighttime routine (Ratricharya) and Seasonal routine (Ritucharya) which may include exercise, pacifying diet, lifestyle and herbal choices to strengthen the digestive fire (agni) (both mental and physical) as well as an Integrative Yoga Therapy Routine to yoke your body and mind back into balance.   Marma massage will be offered to compliment this Program in the very near future.

The Wellness Program will focus on management of Vata, Pitta and Kapha and the location of where the doshas may have overflowed from the digestive system into the other systems of the body.  Protocols for correcting these imbalances throughout the whole body is emphasized.   

This Integrative Wellness Program is quite in-depth and will offer you insight and practices for a committed period of time.  It will be paced out to allow you to grow and embrace a new way of looking at how you carry yourself day-in and day-out.  I will be there to support you along the way.  
If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, then invest in YOU and schedule an Assessment today!

Dosha Balancing  According to Ayurveda, the five great and fundamental elements (pancha mahabhutas) that make up the Universe--space (akasha), air (vayu), fire (tejas), water (apah) and earth (prithvi)--also make up the human physiology.  Looking at the elements from the point of what they do in the physiology, rather than what they are,

Ayurveda describes three psycho-physiological energies called doshas.  There are three doshas, called Vata, Pitta and Kapha, and each is mainly a combination of two elements. Vata dosha is made up of air and space, Pitta dosha is a combination of fire and water. Kapha dosha is made up of water and earth.  For good health and well-being, the three doshas need to be in balance, otherwise ill health will manifest.  

integrative yoga therapy is applied by customizing Yoga techniques, asana (postures), pranayama (breath control), mudras (handseals/gestures), bandhas (energy locks) and dhyana/nidra (guided meditation/imagery) down to the core of an individual based on the foundation of the Five Koshas (layers of the body, mind & spirit): physical, energetic, emotional/psycho-emotional, wisdom and bliss bodies -- to create wholeness. Learn how to heal from within by balancing your Body, Mind and Spirit from the inside out.

Individual instruction will be taught out of my sun-drenched home studio overlooking wetlands and nature.  

See below for a list of ailments yoga therapy has been shown to help.  Call for more details. It's truly a beautiful thing! Contact Felicia for more info.630.269.8696

  • stress & anxiety
  • joint & muscle pain
  • fatigue & depression
  • auto-immune dysfunction
  • hormone imbalance
  • hypertension
  • headaches & migraines
  • digestive issues
  • respiratory complaints
  • nervous system disorders
  • asthma & allergies
  • back & hip pain
  • leg & knee pain
  • head, neck & shoulder pain name only a few!!!!

However, we are not  limited to the above. Bring us your area of concern, and we will do our best to help alleviate your symptoms!

what is taught

private sessions

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So many great options to study with me, even during challenging times. 

***My mission is to create a special place both virtually and in-person that allows Anyone and Everyone to practice the joy of Yoga. A place to
Embrace All that Is and All that Can Be   

Please call before attending your first in-person class out of my home studio.  630.269.8696

See the SCHEDULE PAGE ​to study with me out of some very cool facilities.

We offer a welcoming, down-to-Earth environment surrounded by wetlands and nature.  Our Home Studio is intimate, with a max of 12 students and on average 7 where you "Get the Attention You Deserve.'  We have all the props you need to 'help greet you where you are at.'  Just bring your mat and a SMILE.  

Wall ropes,Yoga Trapeze, bolsters, blocks, straps, weights, blankets and backless chairs may all play a part of a well-rounded and expertly sequenced class. Pranayama, mudras, bandhas and dhyana/nidra/bhavana may be skillfully incorporated into the classes.  

An RSVP is required before attending your first class by calling Felicia at 630.269.8696​​

Asanas & MORE Yoga
classes are much more than stretches, bends and twists. With continued practice, you will personally overcome your own body's perceived limitations and also unlock the hidden potential of your True Inner Self.

What to do to prepare for class

  • Turn cell  phones off
  • Refrain from heavy perfumes
  • Classes are  taught in bare feet 
  • We are a NO SHOE environment.  Please respect the teaching space with bare feet
  • Wear non-binding clothing that moves and breathes with you. 
  • Empty your belly before class.  1-2 hours after a light meal;3-4 after a heavy and Bring water, but drink it at the END of class, if able; this allows Prana to flow through freely
  • Keep sunscreen in your car for those classes that will be taught outside